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We mix a digital education format with mindful, interpersonal and nature-oriented approach.

A typical day at Mango involves a well-structured schedule that balances classroom learning, outdoor activities, and creative pursuits. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that cater to various interests and talents.

Variety of approaches

We have carefully designed a holistic curriculum that blends a structured, internationally recognized, digital education format along with a curriculum that is experiential, mindful, interpersonal and nature-oriented.

Field trips, outdoor excursions, and real world simulations are organized to provide hands-on learning experiences. 

Certification and transcripts


Calvert Curriculum is widely accepted at schools and universities in the Americas and Europe. It is important to note that Mango Academy is an education center, not a MEDUCA certified school.

Pairing creativity with structure - the end result


An inspiring educational atmosphere that both has structure but is simultaneously organic and dynamic. Our curriculum equips students with a broad range of skills, knowledge, and abilities, preparing them for success in our rapidly changing modern world along with the ever present natural world.


Parents as stakeholders


Parents have always been an important cornerstone in Mango Academy and we have valued and integrated their feedback in every step of our development. We utilize focus meetings, academic  conferences, volunteer opportunities, surveys, and special events to make sure our parents have ample opportunity to understand and participate in the workings of the school. Working together in this way builds strong relationships and a healthy community. It also models care and involvement for our students.

Mango Academy ethos

Core Values

Ecological base, diversity and social consciousness, mindfulness and joy.

Experiential learning

Technology integration, creativity, lifelong learning and mindful movement. 


Adaptation, versatility, collaboration and positivity.

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