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Our vision is to cultivate more informed, conscious, and all-around good human beings in the world. 

Our students engage with traditional core subjects while also spending ample time outdoors, in mindfulness practice, working on innovative and creative group projects, and in a variety of extracurriculars like jiu jitsu, art, salsa, and surf.

Mango Academy enables a lifestyle where your children can safely walk or ride their bikes to school and play with all their friends at the beach every sunset and weekend.

Read more about the curriculum and certificates here.

We offer a balanced education that feels like freedom.

No labels, no one size fits all.

We focus on meeting the needs of our students, our school community, and the natural environment in which we find ourselves.

This education is offered in the context of preK-6 and primary education, extracurricular activities, language classes, summer camps, and community events.



Dive into the rich tapestry of our local earth through engaging experiences such as exploring local geography, farm visits, and tree identification, while also instilling a sense of environmental responsibility through service activities like trash pick-up and creating awareness signs.


Additionally, campers will enjoy a diverse range of creative expression, from arts and music to inventive workshops, and an immersive international program exploring continents, countries, languages, and cultures, all while fostering a deep connection to our local community through business visits and tours. Our Summer Day Camps promise a perfect blend of adventure, learning, and creativity for young minds.

Community events


Mango Academy is not just an educational institution; it's a thriving hub of community engagement. Committed to fostering education, sharing, togetherness, and fun, we host a variety of free community events that bring neighbors and friends together.


Whether it's a thought-provoking workshop, an adventurous excursion, a beach cleanup to nurture our environment, or a shared meal to celebrate diverse cultures, these events are designed to transcend traditional learning boundaries. Participants consistently leave with a profound sense of meaning and connection, as Mango Academy endeavors to weave a tapestry of shared experiences that contribute to the social fabric of our local community.

Language classes


Mango Academy stands out as a versatile education center that not only fosters academic excellence but also embraces linguistic diversity. Our dedicated team of qualified teachers is adept at offering language classes in both English and Spanish, catering to a wide spectrum of learners ranging from children to adults.


Whether you're a local resident seeking to enhance communication with neighbors and friends, or a traveler eager to delve into the richness of Panamanian culture through language, Mango Academy provides tailored language programs to meet your needs. Our commitment goes beyond textbooks, creating an immersive and engaging environment that encourages language acquisition as a gateway to understanding and appreciating the vibrant cultural tapestry of Panama.


Please message us to embark upon or continue in your language journey. 

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